CHSSA Curriculum

Since its inception the California High School Speech Association has advocated for speaking and listening as being among the core skills that student’s need to become successful in their future careers. Although many perceive forensics as a purely competitive venture, it is our desire to transfer these skills into the educational curriculum so that they may be used by teachers and coaches alike in improving the lives of their students. For this reason we have worked diligently to create curriculum that answers both competitive and classroom needs. If you have any suggestions, or questions, please feel free to contact us.

New Coaches

This page compiles resources for new coaches who need some help starting up their teams. Resources include: Coaches’ Handbook, Students’ Handbook, and Information on Events.

Classroom Curriculum

Looking for a lesson to get your students presenting, and engaging their research skills? This page includes a complete Common Core lesson that can be used in your classroom today!

Competition Curriculum

Coaches, both rookie and veteran, can use this site to help new students better understand their events and learn about what to expect on tournament day.

UC Course Approval Guide

Use this resource to help you attain UC course approval for your speech and debate/forensics class. This will help you to meet the “F” and “G” requirements. We cannot guarantee success, but this is a set of tools to help you on your path.