CHSSA Executive Council

Mikendra McCoy

CHSSA President

The role of the CHSSA president has been shared by some of the greatest teachers, coaches, and administrators across the state. These leaders have been responsible for representing CHSSA throughout the state, and for running the CHSSA meetings held every January, May, and September.

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Angelique Ronald

VP Activities

The Vice President of Activities is the acting coordinator and director of the annual CHSSA state tournament. The VP of Activities is elected each year by vote from the CSSC. Working with local businesses, host sites, and hotels, the VP of Activities works tirelessly to put on the state tournament each year.

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Minnia Curtis

VP Curriculum

The CHSSA curriculum committee provides resources to teachers in the form of lesson plans, performance instruction DVDs, and workshops that are created by a small, but dedicated staff of workers headed by the VP of Curriculum. This elected official works hard to generate new, and interesting materials that represent the academic, as well as the competitive purpose of CHSSA.

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Rosalyn Foster

Coordinator of Public Relations

In order to ensure the importance of forensics the CHSSA committee for public relations works to engage in building a stronger community of coaches, educators, administration, and elected officials across the state. With the intention of increasing program numbers, engaging colleges in recognition of speaking and listening skills, and providing help to students, the coordinator decides the best way to engage a variety of voices in forensics world.

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Benjamin Cummings


Behind any good organization is someone who keeps the body organized, and well-informed. The secretary is responsible for keeping minutes during all CHSSA meetings. The secretary ensures that CHSSA members are given access to meeting minutes, as well as vote counts for proposals made during each meeting.

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Jennifer Nguyen


Throughout the competitive year the CHSSA Treasurer provides detailed reports of the financial well-being of the organization. With the duty of maintaining records of dues collected, providing information regarding expenditures, and ensuring financial transparency, the treasurer takes on the important task of ensuring that CHSSA functions for many years to come.

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Reed Niemi


With a history as rich with incredible minds, and excellent students as CHSSA the keeping of historical records is vital. The historian, appointed by the president, is responsible for ensuring that the history of the organization is maintained by producing the Hall of Fame videos each year, and holding on to the documents that make up the history of the organization.

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