Congress Legislation Templates

The templates below must be used to write CHSSA legislation for the state tournament, and may also be used for your own league.

Topic Areas for 2024 State Tournament

CHSSA Constitutional Amendment Template

CHSSA Bill Template

CHSSA Resolution Template

For Help writing legislation, check out this resource:

or check out our coaches’ corner where we learned about congress legislation: 

National Extemp - 2024

In no particular order

  • Finance and Economics
  • Science and Technology
  • Politics/Government
  • Social Issues and Controversy
  • US Foreign Policy

International Extemp - 2024

In no particular order

  • Europe/Russia
  • East and Southeast Asia/Australia/Oceania
  • Southwest / Central / South Asia
  • The Americas
  • Africa

State 2024 Parli Topic Areas

In no particular order: 

  • California
  • Environment
  • Geographic Area: Africa
  • International Relations
  • US Politics/Elections
  • Social Justice
  • US Domestic Policy
  • Science and Technology