Step 1: Complete

Download and print the CHSSA Registration Form below. Complete the form and obtain all appropriate coach and administrator signatures.

Step 2: Upload

Upload your completed registration form and answer all questions. We can accept PDFs, PNGs, or JPGs of your completed document.

Step 3: Payment

All schools must pay a $100 participation fee each year. You can pay online (preferred) or mail a check to our treasurer with verified delivery tracking.

2022- 2023 Allocations (DRAFT)

Please find attached the drafter 2022-2023 Allocations. This draft is open for review until Sept 30, 2022. If you find an error, please email your league president or area chair . If no errors are found and no protests made during the review window, these allocations will become final on October 1, 2022. If someone finds an error after the review window, there will be no correction of that error after the fact.

Rules and Regulations

CHSSA Hall of Fame Inductee - Lexy Green

CHSSA Hall of Fame Inductee - Steve Clemmons