Speech Event Viewing Guides

In conjunction with the recording of CHSSA state final rounds, the curriculum committee has designed viewing guides to help our teachers and coaches engage their students in speech analysis and critique. Below you will find the first five viewing guides that have been developed:

Original Advocacy

Original Oratory

Expository Speaking

Extemporaneous Speaking

Thematic Interpretation

Speech Event Glossaries

One of the hardest parts of learning our activity can be the extensive vocabulary that is required. Below are glossaries compiled by the curriculum committee to help coaches better learn the many terms they’ll need to know across the events, and for tournaments.

Debate Glossary

Speech Event Glossary

Congress Glossary

Competition Glossary

Speaking Across the Curriculum

Speaking Across the Curriculum gives teachers ready-made speaking and listening activities that can be infused into any curriculum.  Over 50 activities help educators encourage debate and discussion and teach students speaking and listening skills. These activities help students build active listening skills, become skilled at persuasion, speak spontaneously and learn to analyze and evaluate arguments and sources both online and in print.  All of these activities are Standards-based, ready to merge into lessons that respond to the Common Core.

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