Fundraising Fatigue is no joke and something we all feel at some point throughout our coaching careers. It’s that all too familiar dread of having to once again put your hand out, making those sales pitches, attending auctions, e-mailing everyone, and begging strangers.  The key is to keep your fundraising fresh, exciting, and most of all FUN. Here are some awesome ideas from our California coaches that you should definitely try.
* Park in style: Selling parking stalls to teen drivers and teacher alike increases creativity and community, while decreasing the competition for the perfect spot.

* Culinary Competitions: Whether it be bake offs, chili cook outs, dinner on a dime or just trying tasty treats, try rounding up supporters and foodies around a friendly culinary competition. Contestants create their best dishes with a specific ingredient, or other criteria, and people pay to taste and cast their votes.

* “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder:” Enlist local artists, pit students against teachers, schools against schools and have them create some avant-garde masterpieces out of recyclables or other waste products, and auction off the pieces. Center your creations around a theme, traditionally a cause near and dear to your community, then step back in awe!

Mary Poppins Side Walk Art: While a silly scene from a movie, a great idea; sell a square and have a picture painted with side walk chalk.

Roll in the Dough: How about switching up the usual Walk-a-thon with a roller-skating marathon? Or create two opposing roller derby teams and have then skate to prove who’s great? Or bring in a local derby team and have the sales support your team!

* “Chores for Charity:” Nobody likes doing chores. But if you have a group of students willing to work, business partnerships or community members willing to donate their time and/or handy skills in exchange for donations to your nonprofit, then you have yourself a great handyman/chores services fundraiser!

* “Trivia Tournament:” Much like the Battle of the Books you gather a few groups of intellectuals, who play against one another, and like speed dating they are talking trivia! Pick a night and host a tournament for teams of students to compete in. Charge an entrance fee as well as admission for the audience.

* Blockbusters: Ready to snack on fresh popped popcorn? Then these movie moments are just for you.
– Host a film festival and have participants enter their own unique productions. You can even turn it into a contest, where attendees pay in order to cast votes for their favorite films.
– Do a Drive-In in the parking lot of the school, broadcast a movie on the outside wall and enjoy!

* Balloon Bust: Set up the school gymnasium or another place for a school gathering. Fill up the space with a couple hundred balloons. In 10% to 20% of the balloons, place slips of paper redeemable for prizes. In the rest of the balloons, put a piece of paper that says “Good try!” Charge for each balloon they want to pop.

* “Bagger for a Day:” Grocery stores are often busy places where shoppers have to do their own bagging. This idea lets you raise some money while providing a service that many in your community will find helpful.

* “Paw-fection:” Do something with animals! Owner and pet Picasso paintings. Dog treats sold at dog parks. Door to Door Dog walking/grooming.

There is no doubt that there are a gazillion different ways to “raise the dough you need;” these are just a few of the tried and true, and some brand spanking new ideas to help you get started!

We hope that perhaps you have been given some inspiration, or at least some ideas, so that you can continue to find the funds and facilitate the greatest activity the high school world has to offer! If you have ideas to share, please send them to

May fortune ever be in favor of your Forensics team!