Mikendra McCoy

Mikendra McCoy

CHSSA President

“My passion for education in this activity was found over 30 years ago. In the decades since I competed I have been honored to be called coach, Area 2 Chair, and Service Above Self and Hall of Fame inductee; while these recognitions are meaningful to me, my goal has never been the title or the trophy, it has always been about students. Admittedly, the adventure of learning, the opportunity to support our coaches and the ability to cultivate change has kept me invested in the activity! 

Throughout my time as a veteran coach and educator, the learning has never stopped; speech and debate being a fundamental conduit for said growth. Recognizing that words matter, and are powerful, has shaped how I learn, live and lead. I’ve done my best to model intentionality, positivity, respect, and grace; as well as have the wherewithal to make tough, but necessary, decisions. That said, because I still believe in doing what is best for our students, our coaches, and this organization, now, more than ever, the best way to serve, is to run for Board President. It is not about politics, it is about passion.”

Attached here is my picture, and yes, it is the same one from the last decade, one could argue that I am timeless, one could also argue that I take horrible pictures; the reality is that they are not mutually exclusive! 

Thank you for the opportunity to serve in this position, I do not, nor will not, take this possibility for granted.


Mikendra “The Real” McCoy