Angelique Ronald

Angelique Ronald

CHSSA VP Activities

VP Activities Updates 2018

The beautiful thing about the California High School Speech Association is that all of us, regardless of our position or tenure, stand on the shoulders of the giants who came before us.There is no problem that exists, or circumstance in front of us, that has not already been solved by someone else in some other time. Knowing that, I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to recognize our outgoing Vice President of Activities, Nermin Fraser. For 13 years, Nermin served CHSSA, with a dedicated focus always on what is best for our kids and coaches. As a coach, I spent years standing in awe of Nermin’s calm, measured, masterful management of all things State and, now that I have had the chance to peek behind the curtain and step into her shoes, I can not even fully describe the respect I have for everything she did. The debt of gratitude CHSSA owes Nermin for her years of dedication is innumerable; after all, it is the hard work of people like Nermin that affords our organization the opportunity to touch so many lives. Thank you, Nermin.

Today, our students face unprecedented challenges that speech and debate educators are uniquely suited to help with. Our community is inspiring in its resolve, but that integrity, character, and service is not just limited to our coaches. In a time characterized by political strife, cultural division, and a rapidly changing social landscape, it is increasingly important to celebrate the positive leaders and role models of tomorrow. At our 2018 State Championship Tournament, the California High School Speech Association is introducing a new way to honor those deserving students who have demonstrably gone above and beyond the competitive elements of this activity: the CHSSA Student of the Year. Our annual Student of the Year award is intended to honor individuals who set outstanding examples in terms of their leadership, dedication, creativity, and service, both in forensics and in their greater communities as well.

There have been many debates about what exactly CHSSA ought to be. While I will never be so presumptuous to assume to know the answer, I do know that lately, when I am faced with a conflicted choice, I ask myself three questions. Does this help students? Does this help coaches? Does this make the State Tournament better? These three questions are the same that have guided every good decision this organization has ever made. We are carrying on a proud tradition as we both honor and expand on the work of the forensics giants who came before us. If we remain principled and productive, I know we will do them- and thousands of young, future leaders- proud