Lexy Green

Lexy Green

College Preparatory School

I write this nomination with extreme pride and gratitude for the service of Lexy Green to the GGSA and the State of California over the past 30+ years. Lexy began her speech and debate journey as a competitor in the early 1980’s and continues today as the head coach and director at her alma mater, the College Preparatory School.

During her lifelong journey in forensics, Lexy has worked tirelessly to promote the interests of students, especially the less fortunate, as a coach, a League debate director, a tournament host and a member of multiple committees locally and nationally. I can think of no better ambassador for speech and debate than Lexy Green.

I first met Lexy in 1989 when she served as the Director of Forensics at Pinole Valley HS, and I was just beginning my teaching and coaching career. I found Lexy’s energy and passion for forensics truly inspiring. Whether she was helping her students cut cards the night before the Stanford Invitational or coming out to Monte Vista in the summer to show our students how to file in extemp, she exhibited unlimited energy and generosity.

When a job opened for a forensics director at her alma mater CPS, Lexy couldn’t bring herself to leave her students at Pinole that she spent a decade developing a program for. Myself and others helped convince her that it was ok for her to go back to her alma mater. Today, the Pinole program exists because of the hard work of Lexy Green in the 1990s.

As a coach and leader in the GGSA, Lexy, more than anyone else, serves as the voice of reason. She is always my first choice to seek out when problems arise. As a coach of one of the premier policy debate programs in the country, Lexy travels extensively, but has always put the League first. She takes the lead on issues at all League meetings, has a knack for seeing all sides of issues, participates in every League tournament possible, and has participated in almost all GGSA protest committees over the past thirty years. What is most impressive about Lexy, however, is that she advocates passionately and almost always for students outside her program.

The GGSA would be in a sad state of affairs without the passion, leadership and advocacy of Lexy Green. I strongly urge you to vote Lexy Green to the CHSSA Hall of Fame.